Bridges to Readiness Shows Outsized Gains in Pilot Program

Over the course of eight weeks, 28 tutors provided high-quality 1:1 support to 107 students at three different schools in Indianapolis through Bridges to Readiness’ high-dosage tutoring program. Tutors worked with students toward achieving their postsecondary goals, with a focus on SAT Math preparation. We received results from one of the five schools, Victory College Prep, and we've uncovered a strong, positive correlation between student participation in the Bridges to Readiness program and postsecondary preparedness. 


In an analysis of thirty-nine students at Victory College Prep, Bridges to Readiness students achieved nearly three times as much growth from their PSAT to SAT scores in comparison to peers who did not receive support from the program. It was further demonstrated that completion of the Bridges to Readiness tutoring program resulted in an average overall SAT score growth of 75 points, exceeding the average student growth by 35 points. Each session that students attended correlated to an 8.6 point SAT score growth. Three Victory College Prep students who participated in the program grew over 100 points in total from their PSAT to SAT, and another student grew over 100 points in math alone. Read more about the statistical impact on SAT growth here

For a more detailed statistical analysis, click here or the image below: 


578f1c_2d16c29a8b4c48f8b3a3e88b511e3175_mv2BEYOND THE SCORES

The impact of students' participation in the Bridges to Readiness program went beyond quantifiable SAT growth. Student feedback reports more confidence in themselves and their academic ability after attending sessions with their Bridges to Readiness tutor. Students strongly agreed that their tutor provided them with affirming feedback, and that their sessions provided them with the tools and skills necessary to be ready for their chosen future. 



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